scroll down for studio shots, works in progress, and recent paintings 2016/17

studio view/ works in progress: Flashback Rousseau Lane '98, The Kiss, and Rousseau Lane #2

studio view: Living the Dream 2013-2015, Mother and Child in Landscape, Pity

Chemtrails over Lancaster, oil and spray paint on canvas, 12" x 14" 2009-2016

Potted Flower, oil on linen over panel, 12" x 10", 2011-2016

Mid Wilshire 2076, oil on panel, 10" x 14" 2009-2016

Still Life with Fish. oil on linen, 54" x 48" 2016

Still Life with Fish (details)

Venice Ragpicker, oil/mixed media on PVA coated paper

A Love Story, oil, charcoal, and oil stick on PVA coated paper


Berlin Studio, oil on linen, approx 20" x 16" 2015

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